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Our services

We create UX/UI Websites and improve your SEO with our proven methodology.

Our SEO Methodology

We offer 4 main SEO packages - Short, Efficient Work Cycles.

A simple alternative to ineffective, expensive, long-term SEO contracts. You only pay for what you need.

Review of Google Analytics + Google Search Console

A deep clean of your website’s data to find technical errors. Setup your tracking properly to accurately report on campaign results.

Competitor Analysis

An in-depth look into your competitors, industry and SERP market share. We’ll reverse engineer exactly what the leaders in your space are doing to get on top of search engines.

Technical Website Audit

We use MIH's own Website Audit Tool -  Our in-depth audit focuses on finding technical roadblocks, low quality content, underperforming pages and more. It works as an SEO roadmap to find, fix and correct all your website's SEO issues. We look at 6 different SEO data sources.

1. XML Sitemap(s)
2. DeepCrawl (full crawl, on-page data, technical data)
3. Majestic (links data)
4. SEMRush (Keyword Data)
5. Google Analytics (traffic, engagement, conversions)
6.Google Search Console (clicks, impressions, CTR)

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Our thoughts compiled into an actionable SEO strategy. We will walk you through exactly what needs to be done to maximise your organic growth.

Analytics Review

Without proper tracking, we can't make informed decisions about your campaign. We'll audit your account and ensure your data is sound for reporting.

Keyword Research

A strategic approach to quickly turning around traffic on your most important pages. We will identify high volume + high intent keywords for your website’s key pages.

On-page Optmization

We start by rewriting titles, metas, schema and other “on-page” page ranking factors. We will handle all of the “on page” elements for the pages in which we completed keyword research.

Content Briefs

We will provide a clear and concise document for each page we have targeted with everything you need to know to improve your rankings.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Our research tools will collect your competitors keywords and we will crosswalk them against yours, by identifying the ‘gaps’ on your website. We use these keywords as seeds to generate topics for content creation.

Content Topic Ideation

Collecting and formulating ‘topics’ based on our findings in the gap analysis research. These topics are shared with you for approval before adding them to your SEO metrics.

Content Calendar

A full content calendar, containing all your topics with all the necessary data (keywords, competitors, links, etc).

Content Briefs

We will provide a clear and concise document for each page we have targeted with everything you need to know to improve your rankings.

Target Pages

Data driven approach to identifying which pages to target with links.

Link Profile Audit

A deep review of your website's links to determine the best link types to target with outreach.

Link prospecting

Building a list of relevant, authority websites to pitch for link inclusions.

Link Acquisition

Live links placed on authority sites. We will handle all the communications, tracking and negotiations.

We've worked with incredible companies

Why work with us?

We get SEO results

Over promising and under delivering is often the phrase used when it comes to SEO. We won't promise you any guarantees or unrealistic results. However, what we do promise you is a 100% commitment to solving your SEO challenges with our proven methodology. We have seen a 30-40% traffic increase within the first 3 months with all our clients.

We have our on Custom software built for your SEO campaigns

We use MIH's own Website Audit Software Tool - this allows us to deliver higher impact services

Learn more about how and what we do with our Custom Software Tool for SEO: Click here