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Case Study Swoosh English

Swoosh English helps nurses and doctor's outside the UK by delivering online education to pass their OET, PTE and IELTS exams.

Swoosh English

SEO, Facebook Ads, video content production

Tools Used

Facebook Ads Campaign, SEM RUSH, Adobe PRemiere Ahref, google analytics, our own website quality audit tool

Client Clutch Review

MIH Digital Marketing was engaged to help Swoosh English with their SEO to drive more organic traffic to their website and set up Facebook Ads to their targeted audience with MIH's own video ads production. The goal was simple. We had to reach a specific KPI with all the campaigns to see a return of investment for Swoosh English.

The Challenge

- We dug deep into their data and found a large majority of their customers were from India and the Philippines (80%). We needed a website and online experience (including video ads) that catered to that demographic. A different approach towards the user experience, branding and targeting was needed.
- At the time of the initial engagement with Swoosh English. They sold 3 different educational packages. Their plan for the next 2 years was to look into the Middle Eastern/North African market as they have had some traction from there. We had to change their website user journey and overhaul marketing stack to align them with their strategy.
- As we looked at some of their more popular keyword research words such as "OET" and "IELTS" we knew our approach was to help Swoosh English create a proper pillar model for content topics both written and video.
- Our research showed that most of their target audience were on Facebook, and we had to utilise that as much as possible with our targeted video ads.


- UX: We built custom written and video to educate "top funnel visitors", and custom video ads to push product benefits to "mid" and "bottom funnel" visitors.

- SEO: Running a website quality audit, identifying the key issues to fix quickly was vital for us. Everything from 303's to 404's was fixed first. The on-page optimisation and keyword research followed shortly after to identify where we can gain traffic more sooner and what to create for Swoosh English's long-term plans.

- Content Strategy: Removal of redundant content and help his internal team set up a cross channel content strategy to create targeted high traffic resource content. It followed with extra consultation sessions with his internal team, helping them by answering their queries and solving any outstanding issues.

- Facebook Ads and Video Content: Setting up the Facebook ads with the right video ads were essential in order for us to speak to the target market. The video ads were created and published by MIH Digital Marketing.


- 250% increase in organic traffic.
- 30% increase in sales via paid advertisement.