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Case Study Planet Kambo

Planet Kambo offers holistic therapy in London UK.

Planet Kambo


Tools Used

google ads, SEM Rush, Ahref, google analytics, our own website quality audit tool

When you think about frogs and especially frog poison, the last think that probably crosses your mind is to actually have it applied on your skin to activate an detox cleansing process right? Well, think again. Planet Kambo offers a very unique detox that consists of an ancient indigenous medicine taken from the venomous secretion of the Amazonian Sapo Tree Frog.
The question was, how do we now try and market this? We started off with a consultation meeting with Dave Rees Director of Planet Kambo.

The challenge

- To rank for keywords that don't have high search volume. Planet Kambo offers a unique detox, but not many people are aware of it.

- Rank better organically for keywords similar to "Kambo" to reach a wider audience.

- Get more new customers to their site to buy their Kambo Detox sessions.

- Content that would be accepted within the Google and Facebook frameworks.

- Run Google Ads on search terms to beat the competition on ranking #1 on Google for the keyword "Kambo".

- Create a content strategy that will be adhered to the brand's goals and values.


- Ran a in-depth website quality audit - fix technical SEO challenges asap.

- Created a keyword research solutions both on existing and new pages.

- Created Google Ads campaign both for brand awareness and for bottom funnel users to purchase tickets to their sessions.

- Content strategy that is keyword driven to ensure each blog and other type of content is driving users through the top, middle bottom funnels. Train their team on how to implement this strategy to ensure long-term positive results.

-Combining offline and online marketing solutions to rank and get better reviews on search engines.


- Increased brand awareness. Reached #1 for several keywords attached to the brand. Mainly the word "Kambo".

- Increased their reviews from non-existing to 37 on Google.

- Increased sales for their detox sessions by 20% running successful SEM marketing campaigns.

- Created a proven long-term SEO strategy that helps them steadily rank organically on search engines.