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Case Study Gymflux

Gymflux sells premium gym clothing to both males and females.


digital strategy and seo

Tools Used

SEM Rush, Ahref, google analytics, our own website quality audit tool

Being a Gym Clothing brand sounds exciting and fun right? And yes it is! However, you will be in a very big competitive market space and for Gymflux to stand out, we had to go back to basics. The founders of Gymflux Sam and Roberto are selling premium Gym clothing, but their vision is bigger. They also give back to the community and causes they believe in. 10% of their Rhino range profit goes to WWF, and all their goods are sold plastic free. We set out to help them get their message out there to the right target audience.

The challenge

- SEO can be challenging when you're trying to rank for very common keywords such as "gym clothes" "gym wear" with well-established brands such as Nike, Adidas.

- To cover as much ground online as possible organically to create a brand awareness with top tier words.

- Establish the brand footprint online and break through the noise.


- Competitive Analysis: Dig in deep into the key competitors and what they are doing.

- Website Quality Audit: Establishing a website quality audit allowed us to make quick web development and technical SEO wins. By doing this, it creates a better user journey.

- Keyword research: This is a main component in establishing where Gymflux can cover ground online and create the long-term strategy that is needed to make them a brand authority within their competitive industry.

- On-page optimisation: Ensuring that the product pages are constantly updated, there is a clear internal link optimisation within the pages.

- Content Strategy: Gymflux is doing well on establishing their brand on social media platforms such as Instagram. Our plan is to make sure the content created and published online is also data driven, this is where we look into particular blogs being created, top, mid, low funnel.


- Ongoing project.