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Case Study gymadvisor

gymadvisor sells is a health and fitness, sport equipment e-commerce store.



Tools Used

SEM Rush, Ahref, google analytics, our own website quality audit tool

Client Clutch Review

gymadvisor supplies you with pretty much everything you need and want when it comes to sports health and fitness products. However, their founder Kunal Lakhiani wanted expand his reach and target audience. We spoke to him about his brand image and approach towards a more niche market. The goal was to expand and attract new customers to his gymnastic products.

The challenge

- We did our initial website quality audit and competitive analysis to identify quick wins and then start planning out the long-term strategy to sell more of his gymnastic products.

- We identified good ranking words through our keyword research on their existing pages, and what keywords to start creating content around.

- With large competition out there it was vital to run a competitive GAP analysis to see what traffic we can start collecting. Amazon and Ebay already sell similar products, and we had to find a way to not only have our presence established on Amazon but also on the search engines.


- SEO: Technical SEO is what we started off with, clearing up pages, URL's that needed to be addressed immediately .

- Keyword research: This part was vital to increase the organic traffic to the pages that really mattered the most, which were the gymnastic product pages. What we made sure to conclude what keywords were important to add on new pages that will help drive traffic and to make the user journey more efficient.

- Content Strategy: gymadvisor needed to set up a cross channel content strategy to create targeted high traffic resource content to their target audience - mainly mother's who buy the gymnastic equipment for their children.


- 60% organic traffic to their key landing pages.
- gymadvisor got their first sponsored athlete Oleyssa Dadema from Suriname.
- Launched a new world's first vegan hand-guards.
- Backlink project started after a positive response to the previous work.
- Full rebrand completed.