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Companies know exactly which content to create to get the best results.

We use customer research and our custom topic clustering algorithm to build SEO roadmaps for both B2B & B2C companies to hit their organic traffic goals in the least amount of time.



Here's some recent client results

We increased our
Organic Traffic by
250% in just 1 year!

Alex Melia - Director
The team at MIH Digital Marketing
helped us rank #1 on Google!

Dave Rees - Founder & Director
MIH Digital Marketing helped us increase our revenue each quarter by 60%!

They really understand their customers and how to optimize SEO for e-commerce websites.

Kunal Lakhiani - Director

Breakdown of our SEO "Sprint Packages"

Combine all the sprint packages for best possible results. Pay for SEO you need and nothing else.

WEBSITE Strategy Roadmap

We've built a powerful in-house software tool that allows us to have an in-depth audit focusing on finding technical roadblocks, low-quality content & underperforming pages. We'll find, fix and correct all your website's SEO issues.

Content Strategy

With data-driven content marketing we'll improve your top, middle and bottom-funnel position. Making your business an authority domain.


We align what your customers are looking for with search data to ensure each important landing page is optimized and your'e one step ahead of your competitors when it coms to SEO.

Want to see how the organic framework can be applied to your store?



We acquire links and products placements on reputable, niche-relevant websites.

Want to see how the organic framework can be applied to your website?



With a forensic eye for detail & a navy seal military precision MIH consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. MIH Digital Marketing over-delivers & keeps it consistent. They really understand SEO & e-commerce!

David Rees, Director - Planet Kambo

Working with MIH Digital Marketing has just been seamless from start to finish and they really wanted to understand our brand. We have a clear vision now for our e-commerce site and our revenue has gone up by 60% per quarter!

Kunal Lakhiani, Founder - Gymadvisor

As a start-up brand, the support and advice from MIH Digital Marketing has been invaluable. Without it Gymflux would not be where they are. We are going in the right direction & see SEO in a whole new way!

Sam & Roberto, Founders - Gymflux

It was an absolute pleasure working with MIH  and Sam for the two years as they oversaw our Marketing & SEO efforts. We increased our organic growth by 310% and increased our sales revenue by 186%.

Julian Bailes, Head of Strategy - LR

It's been such a joy working with MIH and Sam. They have helped with a lot of things in my business to increase my revenue. They helped us with a long-term SEO strategy and generated 250% organic growth for us in 1 year, it helped us generate 30% more revenue on our re-marketing campaigns that our SEO strategy produced.

Alex Melia, Director - Swoosh

Starting a non-profit is always hard, especially trying to gain traction. MIH has helped us understand how we can utilise our website to get the right users landing on it through their SEO Strategy.

Shayan Tabatabai, Founder - Cardo


What is a sprint package?

Each sprint is completed as a standalone service. NO long term agreements. However, almost all of our clients hire us for multiple sprints throughout the year. Most clients use us for 5 - 6 sprints per year.

How many sprint packages do I need?

During our consultation call, we will tell you exactly how many sprints we recommend undertaking.

How much is each sprint package?

We charge you a 1 time fee based on the number of URLs on your website. The more URLs, the larger the effort, the higher the price per package.

how long does this take?

Organic traffic are visitors coming to your website directly from Google.

do you offer a retainer model?

We offer annual retainers where we simply combine all the sprints into a full comprehensive SEO solution and work with you as a strategic partner.

What it is like working with us?

See us as an extended part of your team that are always here to answer any questions to help you get to the next level that your business deserves.

Will you create content for us?

We don’t create content for clients. We will help train your current content writers to improve their abilities though with the right framework they need.

What do I have to do?

It's pretty much hands off on your side. We want to make this as easy on you as possible. If you don't have a back-end developer or a copywriter we will provide a solution for that.


Say goodbye to:
  • A "kitchen sink" approach to SEO and marketing.
  • Overwhelming reports with no sign of progress.
  • Traffic that don't help you generate revenue.
  • Feeling overwhelmed trying to wear "too many hats".

A proven SEO framework that doubles your store's revenue

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